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Rebecca Phillips

Excellent service, fast responses, product delivered as expected. Have bought items multiple times and very happy with services. Communications are exceptional

BargainShopUK REVIEW

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Holly Hurst

After receiving a few items from your website I’m so impressed with everything and the quality of the products are fantastic! Very fast delivery and can’t fault the packaging 5 stars from me, thank you bargainshopuk!

BargainShopUK REVIEW

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Natalie Holliday

Thank you for my orders, from start to finish the process was easy and hassle free, the items were high quality. Will definitely be buying from Bargainshop again.

EcommerceUnlocked REVIEW

Bodunrin Sowole

Hi Great working and learning with you.  My business is up and running and already profitable. Thanks Freddie!

EcommerceUnlocked REVIEW

Raedonail Henry

Freddie was such an amazing person to work with to do my logo. He was patient and he didn’t stop till we got it right and now I love it so much, thank you Freddie

YnotCheaper REVIEW

Tina Tiamiyu

Thank you for a great service. From the beginning till the end, my shopping experience with your company was exceptional.

YnotCheaper REVIEW

Hannah Lois

Thank you so much for the awesome fitness bands and the really quick delivery! Highly recommended company!

BargainShopUK REVIEW

Kathleen Innes

Freddie and the team are amazing at what they do. Any questions answered promptly and items delivered really quickly too. Can really tell the team put their all into what they do. I have gotten to know Freddie through social media, where I came across BargainShopUK, and he is an inspiration to anyone wanting to own their own business. Will purchase from again in the future.

BargainShopUK REVIEW

Megan Jenner

Brilliant product range and amazing customer service skills, very helpful and always a pleasure to communicate with! Thank you

EcommerceUnlocked REVIEW

Maria Santos

Freddie has an extremely professional manner, he is accurate and has a real passion when it comes to how he runs his business. Keep going and thank you for your service!

YnotCheaper REVIEW

Robyn Ross

I ordered quite a few bits over the last few months as I have found the prices, quality and customer service all a very pleasant experience, I’m always recommending to friends, family and will always be a returning customer.

Web Design Service REVIEW

Rachel  Jacob

Freddie & the team have flawlessly engaged with me to build a website with exquisite customer services. Attentive to all details, explaining and guiding how to cover all aspects of starting out a new business. Fabulous service second to none, highly recommended to novices and seasoned venturers alike. Thankyou again, Rachel

BargainShopUK REVIEW

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Kerry Johnstone

I wanted to take the time to write a review after purchasing some products from Freddie. The level of service Freddie provided was exceptional. The products I purchased came in a timely manor and were 5 star quality. I will definitely be purchasing again. Best, Kerry

EcommerceUnlocked REVIEW


Fantastic service, great timely communication about the products. Would definitely recommend

EcommerceUnlocked REVIEW

Josué Bapeck

Freddie has been an exceptional mentor in advising me with eBay Dropshipping. He has helped me every step of the way in learning about this. He has been kind, helpful and very resourceful. If you are serious about getting into eCommerce, I would highly recommend Freddie as he is extremely knowledgeable with over 10 years of experience in the field.

BargainShopUK REVIEW

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Berki Lulia

very reputable company. I’m from Germany, and am very enthusiastic from the beginning and will definitely order from him again. Thank you so much

YnotCheaper REVIEW

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Chelsea Donnelly

Freddie is super responsive with all my questions & very polite. The teeth whitening strips have worked wonders on me (way better then the other brands out there) if your looking to get that white glowing smile definitely give these a shot!

BargainShopUK REVIEW

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Emily Wicks

I have ordered a few things from this website and I have always received really good products. Communication is always excellent & delivery time is speedy. I will be back to order more in the near future :)

Ynotcheaper REVIEW

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Angela Hoang

Highly recommend purchasing from Freddie, great customer service, communication and responded very promptly! Will defo be purchasing from him again!

BargainShopUK REVIEW

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Meg Hackett

I ordered whitening strips from BargainShopUK, they came so quickly, I had some questions about them when they arrived since I hadn't used this kind before. I emailed BargainShopUK and they were so helpful and answered all my questions. Really nice job from you guys, very attentive. The whitening strips were incredible too, really did an amazing job. Will be ordering from again your amazing service and amazing products.

BargainShopUK REVIEW

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Evie Eve

Thank you so much Freddie! I couldn’t recommend your company more! Great service, customer care and quick delivery! X